Developments That Have Propelled Translation Services in the Country |

No industry can work in an ivory tower, no matter how glossy and radiant it may be. There is a huge scope of support, strength, and stability that has to come from areas and industries or even competitors that actually decide the long-term survival of any industry.The maxim holds true for translation industry as well, more so for translation services in the country as they are at a unique bridge of growth and challenges. These services stand staring at a massive opportunity and market fuelled by globalisation, market expansion, and regulatory changes. Yet, the industry cannot just march forward without being adequately equipped to serve this fast-growing market.Skills constitute the basic anchor of any industry. But for multilingual translation services, they almost become a clincher of sorts. Their role and value component in this industry does not need to be spelled out. They constitute the basic reason for which any brand or marketer would come forth for translation needs. If they are not properly honed, organised and available; then no matter how well-perched the firm is, the business is going to suffer a setback sooner or later.It as a vast consumer market, has always provided the much-needed base for translation services to grow. The multilingual nature of the country provided a natural booster to grow the service. Multilingual translation services have since then grown to a phenomenal extent owing to the growth of consumerism, opening up of the economy and the rise of the middle class.Fortunately, for our country, the academic and education side of the puzzle has started being sorted out quite aggressively in recent years. New courses are coming in and new opportunities are attracting a young and sharp talent force to these new careers. Resources are being groomed and the industry is investing time, energy, rewards and efforts in making a good pool of translators ready for the wide and teeming market.At the same time, partnerships are being forged to up the technology ante in this space. Translation service providers are striking new collaborations and exploring fresh associations to ensure that they embed technology in the right way and do not get left behind.For any marketing manager, the decision to opt for translation is both a strategic and a tactical one. On one hand, the manager has to ensure that the task aligns with the overall branding and marketing goals. On the contrary, there are details around translator’s proficiency, costs, time-management, audience expertise, etc.